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Company Profile

Dongguan Liangya Plastic Co., Ltd.

There are two areas of business:

       release film and protective film
       The company has about 70 employees, of which 37 are college or above,

53% of the total number of people, 9 engineers and 9 managers (including class, leader).

The company's devices are:

       Processing equipment: 3 coating production lines, 5 slitting machines, 2 slitting machines, 2 multi-function rewinding machines < /span>
       Check equipment: digital vernier calipers, graduated magnifiers, gauges, 
                        1 holding force tester, 2 sets of tensile tester < /span>
                        Oxford Dry Silicon Tester 1
        Its    He: 13 ion fans,   2 baking machines

       The current daily capacity is as follows:
        Release film: 150,000 square / 24H  Protective film: 100,000 square / 24H

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