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Company history

January 2013  Dongguan Liangya Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established
March 2013  Join China Die Cutting Association "Membership Unit"
December 2014   SGR Graphite Material Licensing Acquisition
October 2014 ISO14001 certificate acquisition
March 2015 Signed a supply and demand agreement with Foxconn
August 2015 Jiangsu Taicang Branch opened
December 2015  Dongguan Qiaotou Dazhou Village New Factory Contract Signing
June 2016 June Qiaotou new factory station starts to operate
With the support of customers and the efforts of all staff, the company's annual turnover has increased significantly. In 2012, 10.87 million yuan, 2013 reached 2831. 10,000 yuan, 2014, 46.81 million yuan, 2015, 68.9 million yuan   2016, reached 88.9 million yuan
In 2017, we will reach 120 million yuan! We will work hard for this goal!

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