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PET polyester film - "photovoltaic film"

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PET polyester film - "photovoltaic film": Photovoltaic film: explosive growth, large demand potential The global promotion of the photovoltaic industry has brought about

PET polyester film - "photovoltaic film":
Photovoltaic film: explosive growth, large demand potential
The global promotion of the photovoltaic industry has brought about a rapid growth in demand for photovoltaic films. The photovoltaic film mainly comprises a back sheet film and an EVA film, wherein the back sheet film is composed of a fluorine-containing film and a polyester base film. Among them, the technical barrier of fluorine film is the highest, and there is no enterprise that can be industrialized in China. The EVA film technology barrier is second, and listed companies Zhongxinfu Pharmaceutical and Hongbaoli are developing into this field. The maturity of polyester film is relatively high. The products of domestic Dongcai Technology and Changzhou Yuxing have been certified by major foreign customers. The trend of import substitution is becoming more and more obvious. The listed companies are Dongcai Technology, Dadongnan and Double Star New Materials.
In addition, Lekai Film and Huitian Rubber Industry have begun to enter the production of backplane components.
1. The demand for photovoltaic cells is growing rapidly
According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association EPIA, the global installed capacity of photovoltaics will increase by 99.78% in 2010 to around 15.50GW, and the EU countries are still the major installed countries in the world. From 2006 to 2010, the global PV installed capacity increased by 10 times in 4 years, and the compound growth rate exceeded 60%. The earthquake in Japan has had a profound impact on the development of global nuclear power. Wind power and hydropower are all limited by natural conditions. We believe that solar PV will continue to grow rapidly in the next 10 years. Especially as technology matures and PV module prices fall, the market potential in China and the US is huge.
The solar panel has five layers: glass substrate, EVA glue, solar cell, EVA glue and backlight. The function of the EVA film is to bond the battery chip to the back plate and the glass, and to function as a battery chip. The backlight board is located on the back of the panel to protect and support the battery. Generally, the backlight boards have a three-layer structure (TPT structure), the PVF protective layer has good environmental corrosion resistance, and the intermediate layer PET polyester film has good insulation properties.
2. High technical requirements and complicated certification process
Since solar photovoltaic cells require long-term outdoor use (generally required for 25 years), photovoltaic films are required to have reliable insulation, water resistance, and aging resistance. Fluororesin film has the highest performance requirements and is mainly supplied by DuPont. Polyester film is mainly supplied by companies such as Toray, DuPont, and SKC of Korea. The EVA film is mainly supplied by Mitsui Chemicals and Princeton of Japan.
PV modules are designed for a period of 20 to 30 years, ensuring that components can be operated for more than 20 years in a typical climate. They need to simulate harsh weather conditions and perform dual 85 test component performance. The double 85 test mainly includes: thermal cycle test (-40°C~+85°C 50~200 times, up to 1200H), wet freezing test (85°C 85%~-40°C10 times, about 240H), damp heat test (85 °C 85%, 1000H). A total of approximately 2,500 hours. PV modules generally need to pass UL certification, and the certification process generally takes 6-10 months and hundreds of thousands of certification fees. It can be seen that the certification process of photovoltaic modules is extremely complicated and long.

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